Instant Gratification With Grass

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When it comes to landscaping instant gratification is often an expectation that our clients express, and we strive meet & balance this expectation. Nothing finishes out a project quite like new sod around a fresh hardscape or landscaping bed.
Sod is a wonderful alternative for those who do not have the option to seed. Laying sod also allows for turf to be established outside the typical Spring & Fall seeding season. Love it or leave it there is nothing quite like the American Lawn. As professionals we are moving towards downsizing overall turf areas to ‘the spaces we use’, acknowledging the importance of raising our environmental consciousness while maintaining an open play space in the yard.Our guys were all about helping our clients put the finishing touches on their landscaping projects this week for Memorial Day Weekend.

Jeff T. shared some progress shots from his retaining wall job in Nelson County above. Below our crew leader Saul rolls out sod with a smile in Keswick.It is important for us here at Windridge to have some fun, and keep a good sense of humor while at work. Anyone would be hard pressed to not crack a smile when working with these guys. You have to appreciate someone that can be on tap to help you achieve your landscape goals on a professional level and make you laugh.Doesn’t Antoine look like he’s in the middle of his Senior Portrait photo session? Thank you Trey for taking and sharing this seriously good shot. It was cause for a lot of laughs in the office as well as the field.