Time To Volunteer

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We took some time on this Friday to honor a client and dare I say friend. We met John Lloyd around the first of the year, instantly bonding over a passion for trees. You can tell a lot by a person based on their favorite tree and John had a passion for Black Gum & Hickories. We were fortunate enough to team up on a project at the Lloyd residence this past spring. It was a fun project and we had a good time getting to know both Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd. He passed shortly after the conclusion of the project and the news effected all of us here.

That is precisely why we did not hesitate at the opportunity to plant two memorial Ginkgos for him today, October 11th. Our dear friends at Bremo Trees Nursery hooked us up with specimen trees that were unloaded this morning. We had such a good time unloading them that even our Farm Kitty, Leroy came down to inspect the trees and supervise the operation.

We met down at Spruce Creek Park here in Nellysford, on this gorgeous, clear, fall day, and planted these two trees in the shadow of the mountain. It was a special morning filled with laughter, smiles, jokes, and purpose. We all felt that John would have approved of these grand trees. The opportunity to volunteer does not come often enough and we live in a society that reinforces that every moment needs to be paid. It is important to give your time in service and ‘pay it forward’. We feel very fortunate to have met John, even if briefly so.

So take a moment and go by to welcome these trees to this marvelous community park, this weekend if you have a chance. As for us, our workday is done! We end the week with full happy hearts and one tired kitty boy.