Caterpillar Season

Posted by on Jul 16, 2020 in Tips | No Comments

The caterpillars have arrived! Over the years we have pushed to install native plants on projects whenever possible, and has extended to our office here in Afton. This morning our office cat, Leroy drew our attention to our patch of Common Milkweed (which is surprisingly fragrant). Upon further inspection we discovered that the Milkweed Tussock Moth eggs had hatched and the caterpillars were already feasting!

Native plants offer substantially more benefit to local wildlife because they co-evolved together. Other plants like Butterfly Bush (terribly misnamed) offers very little value & is actually detrimental to butterflies. So much so that contentious gardeners now avoid planting them. If you are in the market for plants that will support pollinators & be more sustainable then consider using Native ones. We would be happy to make suggestions and even design a Native Landscape for you.

*If you discover an insect munching away on a plant in your yard it is important to identify it before applying pesticides, as it could be a beneficial, native insect* Remember plants are food too!