Upcycling Leyland Cypress In The Snow

Posted by on Jan 21, 2022 in Tips | No Comments

Although the winter weather events we have been experiencing regularly have shifted our jobsite schedule we have continued to put in the hours. Since we do not perform snow removal the snow days have allowed us to address a few projects here at the shop.

The business property was heavily planted in Leyland Cypress decades ago. We now know that not only is this a poor tree choice (for numerous reasons) but we also have evolved with industry knowledge to avoid planting the same tree en masse. This planting practice is called a monoculture and should be avoided. Depending on the total planting area three or more mixed tree & shrub species is a preferred planting strategy. Slowly but surely we have been removing groups of these unsustainable trees from around the property.

The latest removals surround our shop. We were able to upcycle the wood chips, utilizing them in the media bed for our waste water discharge system here at the office. The chips were then covered with a layer of hardwood mulch.

It is a challenge for the average person to tell the difference between a Green Giant Arborvitae  and a Leyland Cypress. The best way is to confirm with a plant professional. If this is not an option a quick way is to compare foliage. The tips of the Leyland are sharp & pointy. The tips of the foliage of the Green Giants are blunted and more open & fanlike. They also smell different and the Green Giant tends to be a darker green than the Leyland. It is easiest to compare these difference when two specimens are present on site.

We will be replanting sustainable trees in more appropriate locations on the property in the coming seasons. Implementing new biodiverse & sustainable planting techniques. Until then we are really enjoying more space for our trucks & equipment.