Creative Landscaping

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Landscaping can bring an area of your house to life that you once avoided. At this job we wanted to cleaned up an area around the rear entrance of the house. Sky Pencils are used in this setting because they are evergreen, vertical and will stay neat year round. Eventually they will provide the HVAC ...

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Reclaiming Your Space

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Claiming unused space. That deck you built a few years ago with space underneath that isn’t really usable or safe. Using tiered retaining walls this family gained square footage that will soon become a patio and beds to plant in. Steep hills made for a challenging work environment but I think in the end it ...

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Start Thinking Pool Season Now

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Now’s a great time to think about a pool renovation or installation. A fall makeover means your updated pool will be ready for spring. Removing the old concrete deck and installing a blue stone patio as well as veneering existing block walls for added seating gives this backyard a stunning new look. Other ideas include ...

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From Old To New

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A cracking aggregate sidewalk made for a treacherous situation and a lack of stairs made for steep hills in the rear of the home. Just in time for the fall colors, Windridge installed Eagle Bay’s Kingsland pavers in the Jefferson color range to create a safe and beautiful space for this family to enjoy the ...

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A Mixing of Textures

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Blending materials can define space, give direction, or just add visual interest.  On this project  we used brick to define walkways and natural cleft blue stone for patio space. The contrast of the two products together is eye catching and will add functional beauty for years to come.

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A Patio For The Family

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This beautiful patio has a space for everyone. Using a Techo Bloc paver in Shale Grey, the atmosphere is light and airy. Micro channel was installed along the edge of the wall to insure that water didn’t pond any where on the patio. Now mom has space for her art, dad has room to read, ...

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More Than Meets The Eye

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Last month Windridge was honored to participate in an article published by Landscape Contractor Magazine featuring the benefits of wall fountains. This is not the first project of this nature we’ve done and it’s an exciting way for clients to add an extra element to a current project.  Water fall features add a one-of-a-kind feel, ...

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Brent and Becky’s Bulbs

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Wanted to say a big thank you to Brent of Brent & Becky’s Bulbs for taking the time to give us a behind the scenes tour.  Such a pleasure spending time with our growers! Bulbs, seeds, perennials, plants…Brent & Becky’s is open to the public and they have a beautiful website packed full of great ...

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A Retaining Wall Winter

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You might need a retaining wall if you live in Virginia.  We had the pleasure of working on two great job sites at the end of winter.  The first was a steep driveway with old wooden timbers used as retaining walls which needed to be replaced.  Using Anchor Highland wall block and stair treads the ...

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Summer’s Almost Here

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Believe it or not, summers almost here.  Nothing will take away your cares like a Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pool surrounded by a beautiful stone patio.  With minimal maintenance and no need for resurfacing like a concrete pool, a Blue Hawaiian fiberglass pool with Lifetime warranty is the smart choice.  You could be swimming in your ...

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