Farmington Driveway

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Spring has sprung and the rains are holding off for today. Wrapping up a large hardscaping project in Charlottesville at Farmington.  A large rock needed to be jack-hammered out of the driveway to eliminate a hump. Now the driveway is significantly easier to maneuver and water runs off in an appropriate direction.

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Food For Pollinators

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This spring as we’re all opening our gardens and selecting new plants for the season think of the pollinators. Some of the top flowers that are very beneficial are Bleeding Hearts, Peony’s, Jacob’s Ladder, Miss Kim Korean Lilac, and many more. Remember, plant plants that provide nectar and pollen. Nectar provides carbohydrates and pollen provides ...

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Battling The Elements

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Well we’ve been charging forward on a project up at Wintergreen. The spring weather has not made it easy but we’re finally starting to see some really progress. The Old World Paver from Fredrick Block and Stone really works nicely in this setting.

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