Drainage Improvements Don’t Have To Be Ugly

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We have been experiencing ever increasingly strange weather patterns over the past several years, and you don’t need to be a Climatologist or Environmental Science Major to be aware of it. After weeks of no rain it has returned with a vengeance! We received over 3″ in 30 minutes the afternoon of July 30th alone. That’s an ...

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Made In The Shade On The Mountain

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Summer Heat is the buzz word of the week! You almost can’t turn any direction without someone mentioning how hot it is, and the pop up thunderstorms are a daily reminder that Summer is in full swing. We lucked out this week, not only in getting the opportunity to work in close proximity of the ...

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Caterpillar Season

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The caterpillars have arrived! Over the years we have pushed to install native plants on projects whenever possible, and has extended to our office here in Afton. This morning our office cat, Leroy drew our attention to our patch of Common Milkweed (which is surprisingly fragrant). Upon further inspection we discovered that the Milkweed Tussock Moth ...

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Overlaying Concrete

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Did you know that you can overlay most poured concrete? While scored & stamped concrete can look nice in our area for a while, over time it will crack and resettle leaving gaps & uneven surfaces. Leaving you to spend that money you saved on the front end on fixing something that didn’t last the amount ...

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