Landscaping at Tuckahoe Clubhouse

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The landscaping at the Tuckahoe Clubhouse in Stoney Creek is complete. This native heavy design was brought to reality through locally sourced plants. The goal to have a functional, diverse, & sustainable layout was achieved through cooperation between the designer, Jeff Howe & the WPOA (Wintergreen Property Owners Association). So if you re in the neighborhood & have ...

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Sculpture In The Landscape

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You do not have to be a Public Garden to enjoy & utilize yard art. Rock stacks, boulders, & sculptures can accentuate a vista, denote a place of importance in the landscape, or even just take up some space as a plant fills in with maturity. Best part is in that most pieces can be ...

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Spring In Full Swing

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The past few days have been positively stunning & we are fortunate enough to be out in it. Our client in Stoney Creek is super excited about this terraced patio & stairs. The installation timing for this project couldn’t be better. Not a bad view to sit & enjoy while you’re eating lunch.

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