Falling for New Equipment

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Everyone has heard the phrase ‘right tool for the job’ but, back up a step, because it takes the right truck to get the tools to the jobsite in the first place. Part of the reason of why we do what we do here at Windridge is because we love trucks & big equipment! This ...

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Urban Oasis (Progress)

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We have been very busy with some exciting projects here at Windridge Landscaping & Hardscaping. Our current task is creating a backyard urban oasis for some terrific clients in Crozet & will post progress shots in the near future. Fiberglass form pools & spas form Latham are much quicker to install & kinder on the ...

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Annual Color In The Landscape

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What do you do with an area that you don’t want to mulch, & you don’t want lawn, but you’re not ready to plant permanently?…… Annual wildflower seed (with a cover crop). Surprisingly little seed is necessary & the price can be adjusted base on the mix of plant species. This practice is not only highly ...

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Contributing To Community Living

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We have been diligently assisting with the landscape & sod installation for Building #1 of the latest addition to the Friendship Court Apartments (formerly known as Garrett Square), which has been quite the undertaking considering the heat & constant buzz of activity on site. Building #1 is located at the corner of 6th St & ...

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Summer Splash

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We have been certified to install Latham Fiberglass Form Pools & Spas for years now. The installation is easier & quicker than traditional inground pools. Here is a progress shot from a job in Nelson County. We can’t wait to share the finished product with you & get our clients in the water!

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Upgrading To Pavers

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Creating a more stable surface in an already utilized outdoor area at your home can exponentially increase its functionality. We just converted a sparsely vegetated utility area to a usable covered patio. This patio has Cambridge Sherwood Ledgestone XL 3 Piece, in Toffee/Onyx/Lite, with a Smooth finish for the field; and is bordered in a 6×9 ...

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Light Up Your Landscape

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With so many possibilities for outdoor lighting it can be a challenge to select the correct application for your home. The most economical option for short term, intermittent use is solar, but a more permanent option, hands down, is Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting. This style of lighting is much easier to install than most would assume. Systems ...

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Laughter Is Key

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It goes without saying that our guys work their hearts out. There are many hot, tiring, arduous days each year & their work reflects their level of professionalism & skill with out a doubt. The most important element, that is often not showcased, is the fact that these fellas carve out time for humor. It is hard ...

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Landscaping at Tuckahoe Clubhouse

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The landscaping at the Tuckahoe Clubhouse in Stoney Creek is complete. This native heavy design was brought to reality through locally sourced plants. The goal to have a functional, diverse, & sustainable layout was achieved through cooperation between the designer, Jeff Howe & the WPOA (Wintergreen Property Owners Association). So if you re in the neighborhood & have ...

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Sculpture In The Landscape

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You do not have to be a Public Garden to enjoy & utilize yard art. Rock stacks, boulders, & sculptures can accentuate a vista, denote a place of importance in the landscape, or even just take up some space as a plant fills in with maturity. Best part is in that most pieces can be ...

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