Wintergreen Native Demo Garden

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Planting native is not only attractive but did you know that you’re creating a landscape that’s much easier to maintain.  It’s also a wonderful way to support the habitat of local pollinators.  The Nature Foundation at Wintergeen is a wonderful resource for residents in the area to learn more about the benefits of planting native.  ...

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In The Heat Of The Day

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What to do in the heat of the day in Nelson County?  Take a nap in the sun of course! Our office cat Leroy decided he would nap in the very corner I was trying feverishly to clean out. Animals are top notch at Windridge Landscaping. We often have animal supervisors on the job site! ...

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Albemarle Stairs Make Navigating Easier

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Our project in Albemarle County continues with the addition of stairs on a steep slope.  The stone stairs will allow the property owners easy access to another plateau in the yard unlocking otherwise unused space. In some cases in-stair tread lighting is available for aesthetics and safety. Stairs offer the landscape an opportunity for creating ...

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Organic Landscape Makeover in Nelson

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These Nelson County homeowners were looking for an organic landscape makeover for their backyard. The existing wooden deck was in need of replacement with a patio and there was a desire for tiered garden beds in the sloping yard. The seat walls are a Honeycut stone, the stair treads in Goldenrod. This installation took place ...

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Dreamy Crozet Landscape Transformation

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Windridge was fortunate enough to have talented photographer Coe Sweet out to this beautiful Crozet home to help us capture it’s beauty. The home owners played a key role in the design process. With help from Windridge we were able to carve out a pool area, patio for dining, and grassy spaces for the kids ...

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Pool Planning 101

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We’ve still got a couple months of hot weather to go. Now’s the time to start planning for next summer, call Windridge and have your pool installed in the fall so that you can get a jump on next season.  Our Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools offer a seamless install, and for extra safety we can install ...

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Heat Wave Safety

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It’s been a tough few days for our team in the job site. Please remember to take care of each other. Check on your elderly neighbors, animals in the area, young children.  For more information on how to prevent and treat heat related illness check out this Heat Wave Safety link from the Red Cross. ...

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It’s A Wrap

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Well, Windridge just got done shooting it’s first commercial ever. We haven’t seen the final product yet but we’re very excited about the possibilities.  Some of our past clients were kind enough to share their backyards with us again! One of the things I love about this business is the ability to make new friends! ...

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Plant Shenanigans

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In a study performed by the Royal Horticultural Society, researchers discovered that talking to your plants really can help them grow faster. They also found that plants grow faster to the sound of a female voice than to the sound of a male voice. Albemarle, Nelson and surrounding counties have gotten record amounts of rain ...

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Virginia Cooperative Extension Update

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New invasive species we will be seeing more of the the Shenandoah Valley include the Asian Longhorned Tick, Spotted Lanternfly, and Giant Hogweed. Although the hogweed doesn’t look troublesome, it is a non-native species that is considered invasive and if the sap comes into contact with human skin it can cause severe burns and make ...

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