Turning Timber To Stone

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Seems like everyone who needed a retaining wall back in the day opted to us timber. Much like the story of the three little pigs anything made of wood is bound to fail over time. That is where we come in, and step up to the challenge of replacing that failing old timber wall with ...

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Beautiful Hardscape Renovation

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Wow, talk about a busy season! We have been involved in all sorts of landscaping, hardscaping, & drainage improvement projects. Although we are best known for large & prestigious commercial jobs our clients are often surprised to learn that we look forward to the smaller upgrades just as much. We just wrapped up a renovation project in Augusta County. The client had ...

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Preparing For Spring

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Work has been most steady between winter events. It has made for messy job sites and caused delivery delays. Nevertheless we are working diligently to wrap up a few hardscaping projects in preparation for warmer days ahead. We are nearing completion of a project at a historic home in Charlottesville, replacing the existing patio with big ...

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New Home, New Patio

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The cold didn’t slow us down this week. We seized the opportunity to install a lovely patio at a new home located in Ruckersville. It is rewarding for us to assist a homeowner in adding the finishing outdoor touches to their place once the house has been constructed. (Pictured above is the finished product, below the before pic.) The colors in this patio go perfectly ...

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Fresh Annuals for Fall

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Despite the very rainy weather this week we were able to freshen up our entrance with some super snazzy fall annuals. Over the years we have found that Violas are much hardier & robust than Pansies in our area. They are also edible & can really jazz up a dish when used as a topping for ...

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Street Trees Are Important

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We participate in a wide range of projects at both the residential & commercial levels. From hardscape to landscape, drainage improvements to pools, the outdoor projects that we don’t tackle are few & far between. We had the opportunity this fall to participate in a beautiful project that serves the community at large. We were tasked ...

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Are You Sure You Know Ragweed?

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Every year in late August through October, hay fever sufferers everywhere have sneezing attacks caused by pollen from Ragweed. Many people often confuse Ragweed and Golden Rod and blame both for their allergic reactions. Ragweed is the culprit and not Goldenrod. Even though they both bloom at roughly the same time, they are completely different ...

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Leroy Makes It Happen

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I don’t know about you, but I instantly warm to a business that has an office pet. There is just something special about a place that recognizes the importance of animals & makes room for the right ones. Windridge is such a place and we have a grand cat. Leroy has been with the company ...

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The Plant That Kills Birds

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Now we all know this shrub Nandina, Sacred Bamboo or Heavenly Bamboo. No 90’s yard was complete without it. Thankfully it has fallen drastically from favor in recent years. The newer  “improved” cultivars have failed to preform in the landscape. Nandina domestica is found in most landscaping mixes in yards, parks, hospital grounds, and other locations. Its bright ...

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Identifying & Managing Aster Yellows

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When walking by one of your garden beds there are many things to be on the lookout for besides beauty. The images in these pictures documents one of the classic symptoms of “Aster Yellows”. These Purple Coneflowers (above) display some of the most dramatic evidence of this non-fatal, but potentially prolific disease. Secondary flower heads emerging from ...

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