Forget Paving

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Asphalt paving is not the all to end all anymore. There are numerous alternatives to, and permeable applications for, to be considered. We are putting the finishing touches on an interlocking paver driveway for a lovely home here in Nelson County. The Villagio pavers installed above are produced by Techo-Bloc and are shown in the ...

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Winter While We Work

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Hope you all had a full & happy holiday season from start to finish! We are stepping back onto our jobsites with renewed enthusiasm and anticipate a busy & productive winter. Although we are between planting seasons there are still numerous types of hardscaping applications that can be installed this time of year. This dry-set ...

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Fall Has Landed

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It is official! Our first load of material for our fall planting projects arrived just ahead of the rain. It is a gorgeous mix of natives & native cultivars (nativars). A huge thank you to Shreckhise Nursery in Grottoes for the delivery. Their plants are stunning & the delivery guys are always full of laughter & ready ...

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Where’s Pauldo?

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The first wave of native perennials for the second phase of the Monticello Burial Ground for Enslaved People arrived from North Creek Nursery this week. Paul was front & center to unpack and greet the plants. Can you spot him in the picture?

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Springing Into Action!

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Very busy this Friday unloading trucks filled with plants for our booked Spring planting season. We have some really exciting projects coming up, one of which will be at Monticello, the historic home of our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson. In all the hustle & bustle we take a pause to appreciate the beauty in bloom and ...

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The Men Behind The Scenes

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We advertise a lot of polished job photos, & share progress shots, but very rarely is there a candid action photo. The fellas in this picture have a combined 56 year of experience with Windridge. There is no way that it would be the outfit that it is without each of them. So today we share from left ...

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Upcycling Leyland Cypress In The Snow

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Although the winter weather events we have been experiencing regularly have shifted our jobsite schedule we have continued to put in the hours. Since we do not perform snow removal the snow days have allowed us to address a few projects here at the shop. The business property was heavily planted in Leyland Cypress decades ago. We ...

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Turning Timber To Stone

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Seems like everyone who needed a retaining wall back in the day opted to us timber. Much like the story of the three little pigs anything made of wood is bound to fail over time. That is where we come in, and step up to the challenge of replacing that failing old timber wall with ...

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Beautiful Hardscape Renovation

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Wow, talk about a busy season! We have been involved in all sorts of landscaping, hardscaping, & drainage improvement projects. Although we are best known for large & prestigious commercial jobs our clients are often surprised to learn that we look forward to the smaller upgrades just as much. We just wrapped up a renovation project in Augusta County. The client had ...

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Preparing For Spring

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Work has been most steady between winter events. It has made for messy job sites and caused delivery delays. Nevertheless we are working diligently to wrap up a few hardscaping projects in preparation for warmer days ahead. We are nearing completion of a project at a historic home in Charlottesville, replacing the existing patio with big ...

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