Time To Volunteer

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We took some time on this Friday to honor a client and dare I say friend. We met John Lloyd around the first of the year, instantly bonding over a passion for trees. You can tell a lot by a person based on their favorite tree and John had a passion for Black Gum & ...

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Why Winter & Spring Pruning is Best

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There’s something about the beginning of the fall season that makes people eager to start pruning. Perhaps it is the onset of winter? Or Perhaps it’s all the raking and mulching that has people going overboard in their yard? But before you start pruning your trees and shrubs, you may want to tune in to what the landscape ...

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Late Season Color

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Late summer doesn’t have to mean a loss of interest in your garden.  Even with dryer than normal conditions this year plants can offer color, texture and interest. By planting native species less water and valuable resources are used and habitat is provided for local wildlife.

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Hardscape Maintenance

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Hardscaping by definition is built to last. Paver patio’s, walkways, segmental retaining walls, stairs, freestanding walls, and columns are beautiful durable additions to any property that can offer years of outdoor enjoyment. Over time however, the weather can have an impact on your outdoor feature and it can begin to deteriorate if proper, preventative maintenance is ...

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That’s No Butterfly!

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It is the time of the summer season where everyone is on the lookout for Butterflies, Moths, and their cocoons. If you are lucky enough you may even get the unforgettable opportunity to watch one emerge from it’s cocoon fully transformed spreading its wings, while you are left to marvel at the fluttering colors before you! ...

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Year Round Color

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Color in your garden can come in all shapes and sizes and is a wonderful way to express your personality.  From peaceful corners with splashes of white, to vibrant accents that will cheer you year round.

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On A Hardscaping Roll

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It may be a rainy Friday here in Nelson County but the Windridge Team has been hustling all week to bring this absolutely beautiful hardscaping job in Nellysford near completion. We wanted to share some pictures that demonstrate the process that needs to be followed to properly install a patio & freestanding seat wall. Our client wanted to create ...

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It’s Pool Time!!!!!

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Fire up the grill and open the pool because Summer is here! There is so much stay at home fun to be had with your family & friends when you create your own private oasis in your backyard. We have helped numerous clients over the years expand, replace, and upgrade their pool decks. This experience has led ...

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Instant Gratification With Grass

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When it comes to landscaping instant gratification is often an expectation that our clients express, and we strive meet & balance this expectation. Nothing finishes out a project quite like new sod around a fresh hardscape or landscaping bed. Sod is a wonderful alternative for those who do not have the option to seed. Laying sod also allows for turf ...

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Time For Summer Annuals!

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It is officially time for summer annuals here in the Piedmont Region of Virginia. Our last average frost date is May 5th. Although we promote sustainable and native plants we also recognize the enjoyment that a seasonal pop of color can bring. The trick is to choose the right annuals for the right place and ...

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