Spring Lawn Care

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Raking is the first trick of the trade, thatch that is too thick won’t allow your lawn to breath. Aerating is next, compaction of the soil is hard to avoid in Virginia and aerating is the key to getting air and nutrients to the roots. During this process it’s an ideal time to do 2 ...

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Ways To Increase Nesting Habitat for Native Pollinators

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Recent research suggests that pollinators do better in urban environments, yet these mowed, mulched, and managed landscapes frequently lack a sufficient amount of nesting habitat. Here are a few simple ways to provide them with their ‘Dream Home’. Provide Habitat With Plants: 30% of our native bees lay their eggs in cavities – holes in ...

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Laying Paths Through The University of Virginia

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Our team has been hard at work once more at the University of Virginia. We were invited back yet again to assist in the restoration of the historic brick walkways that lead to the infamous Lawn at UVA. It is no small task to lay new, historically accurate brick next to buildings that have stood since The University’s ...

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A Passion For Plants and Pets

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Everyone has entered a business at some point in time and been greeted by a four legged friend. It goes without saying that the Windridge Team has a passion for landscaping but we also share a passion for animals as well. On a typical day at the office you will find our honorary supervisor, office ...

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