Turning Timber To Stone

Posted by on Sep 2, 2021 in Tips | No Comments

Seems like everyone who needed a retaining wall back in the day opted to us timber. Much like the story of the three little pigs anything made of wood is bound to fail over time. That is where we come in, and step up to the challenge of replacing that failing old timber wall with segmental retaining wall block that will stand the test of time.

The segmental block & installation also comes with a warranty which is a very attractive bonus. The walls often times can be reinstalled in the same basic footprint or reengineered to include steps, cheek walls, landings, and even a tiered system.

Over the years we have developed solid relationships with local engineers, home owner’s associations , & municipal permitting offices to make the process easy as possible. This has been especially helpful for our neighbors up on Wintergreen Mountain. With all the renovation up there we are being tapped to facilitate wall replacement frequently. Some of which do not even require engineering or permitting.

No matter if it is your second home, primary residence, or rental we are here to help.