Beautiful Hardscape Renovation

Posted by on Jul 7, 2021 in Tips | No Comments

Wow, talk about a busy season! We have been involved in all sorts of landscaping, hardscaping, & drainage improvement projects. Although we are best known for large & prestigious commercial jobs our clients are often surprised to learn that we look forward to the smaller upgrades just as much.

We just wrapped up a renovation project in Augusta County. The client had some drainage concerns which were addressed while really livening up the entrance to their home.

It was decided early on that the old step could not remain as it existed when such an upgrade was planned for the walkway. The step riser is Anchor Highland 3Pc block, in the James River blend, bordered  with an XL Trapezoidal cap in Chesapeake. The tread field is filled with the walkway pavers. It transitions nicely into the patio but offers enough of a contrast to clearly define the step which is an important safety concern.

This is a custom design by Jeff Howe, utilizing Cambridge Sherwood Ledgestone 3 Pc pavers in Toffee/Onyx/Lite with a 4.5×9″ border band in Chestnut. All the pavers have a textured finish, and the best part… they come with a lifetime manufacturing warranty. We also warranty our paver installation for a period of 10 years. Seeing as Windridge has been around since 1989 that is a guarantee we can stand behind with confidence!