Annual Color In The Landscape

Posted by on Jul 28, 2023 in Tips | No Comments

What do you do with an area that you don’t want to mulch, & you don’t want lawn, but you’re not ready to plant permanently?…… Annual wildflower seed (with a cover crop). Surprisingly little seed is necessary & the price can be adjusted base on the mix of plant species. This practice is not only highly visually appealing, but also beneficial to native pollinators & birds, as well as a very effective method of weed suppression. Plantings like this encourages interaction in the yard & brings you closer to nature. Some homeowners collect seed from year to year while others prefer an altered mix which offers a different annual look; plus this allows the opportunity to send your  guests away with a pint sized canning jar full of flowers, & who’s day wouldn’t be made a littler brighter by that?