Spring Is For Hardscaping

Posted by on Apr 26, 2019 in Tips | No Comments

It is safe to say that Spring is in full swing and so are we! Everyone has to agree that there has been no shortage on beautiful weather here of recent. It is the time of year that makes anyone find any excuse to go outside. Everybody seems to have a list of plants that they are on the hunt for, but Spring is also the time for hardscaping. We have been busy working on creating & improving outdoor spaces for our clients. Pictured above (and throughout) is a blended Brikstone Walkway from Eagle Bay installed by Jeff Thompson & his crew. They installed this addition earlier this Spring for an existing client. Also in the picture you shall see a natural stone wall & river stone swale that was included in the scope of work.

It is important to consider that if you have a project which you intend to “add on to” or “phase out” you want to ensure that you are using materials that will still be available when the next installation phase arrives. It is also important that the new materials bend in as seamlessly as possible with the existing ones, part of that is ensuring that quality materials are used. Hardscaping can offer an opportunity for countless hours of enjoyment on your property and get the family outside together collectively. There are also little added perks that a paver surface offers, such as keeping the dirt & debris being tracked into the house on feet & paws to a minimum. A small patio could be easily transformed from an outdoor dining area to a evening chill spot with the re arranging of a little furniture, and the addition of a mobile fire pit all in the course of a single evening. Or perhaps you are more of a hammock person and want to spend a day tucked into one with a book, under the shade of trees, only ever bothered with the occasional obligatory ball toss for the family dog?


With so many options and decisions to be made having a professional contractor to work with you to nail down the design, and take the lead on excavating,  drainage considerations, ensure a properly compacted aggregate paver base, material takeoffs & logistics makes any outdoor project doable. So why not call us up and at least discuss some projects for your property? Set some goals, toss around some ideas, and discuss options that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, and add value to your home.