Time For A Little Fun

Posted by on Dec 6, 2019 in Tips | No Comments

The crew took a little time a couple of Fridays ago to come together as a company in our off time to celebrate this unique productive, busy year we have had. Our typical company parties have always had us seated at a long table, with steak in front of us, and concluded with a hearty speech from ‘the boss’. We have grown quite a bit as a company this year and came to the conclusion that the typical party just was not quite going to fit us anymore.

We decided to reach out the a local brewery and see if they would be willing to host this hard working, creative, capable crew that is so animated & quick to laugh. Basic City Beer Co. in Waynesboro was delighted to host us for an evening, and Hops Kitchen was on tap to cater the event. We can’t recommend or thank them both enough.

The brewery could not have been cooler. The party space was perfect, as was the beer selection, even the nacho & brownie bar, to an arcade full of throwback games (the boss popped for quarters for all), to the neat industrial feel of the place. The evening was just the sort of celebration that our robust group was looking for.

We were grateful for the venue but also for each other. It was a treat to get to see everyone’s families & finally toast one another, officially with a well deserved round after the year we have experienced. In a lot of ways it was a kick off to the holiday season and reminded us to not only be grateful for the incredible projects that we get to work on but also for each other. We extend this gratitude to all of our clients, vendors, and growers. At the end of the day without you all we wouldn’t be able to preform the work that we enjoy doing so much.